Assign a Role to new User with Website Polity acceptance. HowTo on Drupal

I have this Drupal 6.x scenario where I need new user to apply for a certain role (path based) with a policy text to be accepted at registration
I spent a few time googling around for a ready-to-go solution, which - unfortunatly - was not found.

Best fit modules I've found for this feature are http://drupal.org/project/legal (policy text handler) and http://drupal.org/project/autoassignrole (give new user a role)
Both of them are very powerfull, with have high quality design and pretty easy configuration.


Mysql slow query due to Drupal multilanguage? Set up your custom envoriment

I have a large website, with thousands of pages, with interface and part of content to be translated in several languages.

While monitorin slow query mysql log, I realized Drupal core table structure is lacking in performance, when you have to deal with many strings (90k)

This took me awhile to find a proper solution, which in my case was to clone both drupal core locales tables (locales_source joined queried with locales_target ) and the t() function.

Once mysql locales table where cloned

CREATE TABLE my_locales_source AS (SELECT * FROM locales_source);


Se il tuo Drupal [o altro ...

Se il tuo Drupal [o altro sito web che faccia uso di DB ] ha problemi di slow queries, dovresti considerare di passare a Sphinx [http://sphinx.com], che puo' migliorare in maniera significativa i tempi del tuo sito


Custom mail delivery for Drupal 6

here's the summary Conversation with that Customer asking to replace Drupal mail system with a custom one:

Request: Please, replace Drupal mail system with another mail delivery system [php code]

Verifing requisites:

  • Do you have your custom sendmail php function?: Yes [in this case, we have a php function named "my_custom_send_mail" using the Amazon SES Web Service ]
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