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apple store complain: my card charged whithout being able to deliver app

I'm loving cool things you can do with a good piece of tablet, so I'm setting my Ipad up to solve my main use cases.

Trying to replace my paper moleskine I've been using for years, I decided to buy a proper "todo" app for my daily tasks from the Apple Store.
I had an issue receiving app i payed and not received, so I sent (see below) my request of clarification to the apple assistance. Let's see what happen!

begin of my complain >>>>>> ----------------------
.yestarday I decided to buy > Todo per iPad, v4.4.2, Sviluppatore: Appigo, Inc. (4+) for my ipad, from my ipad


Ipad2 safari unable to handle more ...

Ipad2 safari unable to handle more than 9 tabs (looks like)
If you feel like you need more tabs, better to switch to a different browser (mini opera works fine so far)


Ipad2 Legals During first setup ...

Ipad2 Legals: During first setup I had to agree to lots of legals... Silly questions to me. I'd love to meet someone who says "NO" to legal after paying 600€ for that tool!


Ipad2 Useless boring activation on brand ...

Ipad2 Useless boring activation on brand new devices.
As linux user, I hated that. I took me a couple of days for being able to find a mac where my ipad finally got activated.
Question is: why do I have to activate my ipad?
Or, the other way around: Who needs deactivated ipads?

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