Custom mail delivery for Drupal 6

here's the summary Conversation with that Customer asking to replace Drupal mail system with a custom one:

Request: Please, replace Drupal mail system with another mail delivery system [php code]

Verifing requisites:

  • Do you have your custom sendmail php function?: Yes [in this case, we have a php function named "my_custom_send_mail" using the Amazon SES Web Service ]

Mail notification for TRAC tickets

Do you want send a mail notification to "reporter" and "CC:" for new and updated TRAC [ ] ticket ?
This is a sample setting to be applied to the trac.ini file:

always_notify_owner = true
always_notify_reporter = true
always_notify_updater = true
mime_encoding = base64
smtp_always_bcc =
smtp_always_cc =
smtp_enabled = true
smtp_from = trac@localhost
smtp_port = 25
smtp_replyto =
smtp_server = localhost
smtp_subject_prefix = __default__

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