This version of the Google Maps ...

"This version of the Google Maps JavaScript API no longer needs API keys!": gmap V3 is cool!


Le LAN locali spesso non hanno ...

Le LAN locali spesso non hanno un DNS interno. Acneh nel mio caso, mi "perdo" sempre le macchine sparse in giro.
Ecco un comando utile per trovare velocemetne le schede di rete collegati alla propria rete locale

nmap -sP

nota: verifica il tuo broadcast address con ipconfig


Nur In Meinem Kopf

I'm listening at this to improve my German pronounce

dankeschön to Andreas Bourani for such a nice piece

Ich kann in 3 Sekunden die Welt erobern
Den Himmel stürmen und in mir wohnen.Andreas sings #1, #2

In 2 Sekunden Frieden stiften,
Liebe machen, den Feind vergiften.Andreas sings #3, #4

In 'ner Sekunde Schlösser bauen


Drupal uc_hotel: Who's coming today?

Environment: Drupal 6x, Ubercart, uc_module

Use case: Give admin info about arrival per day basis.

We have our hotel website running on Drupal 6x with ubercart and uc_hotel .
We receive reservation and we have rooms with calendar exposing available day on green, reserved days on red, etc.
Here's what our calendar looks like:
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