Track Host Module for Drupal Screenshot

Track Host Module for Drupal Screenshot

This is a snapshot  of the Track Host module for drupal


Drupal PO File WEB generator

Maybe you want to translate a drupal module or template, but can't find the original po file?
Do you want to create a new po file?
Simply use ther form below, and the WGenPo ("Web Drupal Po Files Generator") will give you the empty po file to fill with your translation strings.

The script - even if is fully working - is in the very early stage.
Your help (user feedback or developer improvement ) is very welcome!

Note:The idea comes from the GenPo 0.1 bash script

Paste here the module code from which create the po file

Drupal version

Drupal module code:


Ricarica la pagina con javascript

Mentre si realizza una pagina web, capita di aver bisogno di un semplice click per ricaricare la pagina. Molto semplicemente, possiamo usare il codice javascript esposto qui in basso: Se vogliamo un pulsante possiamo usare questo codice:

<form><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Ricarica la pagina" onclick='location.reload()'></form>

Se invece preferiamo un normale testo cliccabile (link) possiamo usare:

<a href="javascript:location.reload()">Click per ricaricare la pagina</a>


Stop Spam from the Drupal feedback form

Sometimes may happen  that the usual boring guy will try to send you spam from the feedback form of your web site.

If you have the same problem, and your website runs on Drupal, you want want to add these few lines hack to your feedback.module code:

#do not accept feedback with links

if (preg_match("/href/i", $edit['body']))


    form_set_error('body', t('The subject cannot contain links.'));
watchdog('mail', 'Link injection [maybe spam] in feedback form subject: '.check_plain($edit['subject']), WATCHDOG_NOTICE);

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