Microsoft Vista brings us some more spam

Well, first of all I want to be clear: the spam we're talkign about comes "indirectly" from Microsoft Vista.

The thing is that every new user operating system from Redmond Company is destinated to be a perfect spam subject.

It was quite easy to image that with the new release of the Microsoft new operating system , we would be "pleased" to receive everyday email mesages from people trying to selling this new software.

Till today,to me  , Microsoft Vista just means new spam to manage.

My email client has a easy interface to the procmail filter.


Importa la mappa di cercachetrovi nel tuo sito

Hai mai pensato ad inserire mappa interattiva nel tuo sito?

Un altro strumento sicuramente interessante (e - perchè negarlo - divertente)  per il nostro sito è senza dubbio la mappa di Google (non confondiamo con le specifiche di google  mappa del sito  per la indirizzazione delle proprie pagine, eh?).

Utilizzando le  API definite dal nostro di motore di ricerca preferito, possiamo avere nelle pagine del nostro sito - in maniera tutto sommato semplice -  una mappa interattiva, per l'Italia anche con la vista "satellitare".


Spam - these guys will never stop to surprise me

This morning I've opened my email box and - as usual - I've found some kilograms of spam.

In this junk mail, I've found one -  in particular - which really got my attention:

Hi, I hate to be the one to mention this, but people continue to 
talk about your weight issue and it just disgusts me. Whether you
know it by now, people are always chattering about each other at
work but you come up more than enough. I wasn't the happiest or
best-fit up until a year ago or so but that did change. Thanks to
my dam brother-in-law(of all people). Anyhow, it was for the best.
What I am saying is that you need to do something different and
maybe you can make the same difference I did. Try this stuff I used.
I took it on the idea it's just more junk but it worked great. I
see more positive reviews on it nowadays and makes me feel even
better. So, I am encouraging a change, not only in the chatter
around here but in you personally.

-Anonymous for now
Using an anonymous email website to send this btw;)
When it helps/works just send a memo out with the name "Angel" in it.
Then you can take me out to lunch to thank you. Talk to you sooner
than later I hope;)



Drupal 4.7 - Edit node just for the owner

CMS as drupal usually let users edit each other node.

While in some cases you just don't want everybody (with the proper create node access rights) to edit somebody else pages.

Since I couldn't find a better solution for that, I went  for a quick hack of the core code.

Basically, we just need to hide from every user  (owner and admin apart)   the "Edit" tab and the edit form.

Everything is inside the modules/node.module


Step A)

function node_menu($may_cache) :824

global $user;

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