sed replace every words beginning with ...

sed: replace every words beginning with

$ echo "some words removethisword removethiswordalso more words" |sed 's/remove.[a-zA-Z0-9]*//g'
OUTPUT: some words more words


YMail poor design

Very poor design for the new YMail []

Open and:
1. go to mail messages list
2. select all messages from the top-left checkbox
3. click on "forward" from the horizontal menu (I was thinking "can you do this"? at first)
boom! a diagnostic messages says "Impossibile eseguire questa operazione su più mail simultaneamente. Seleziona una sola mail e riprova.", which can be translate
"Impossible execute this action on several mail at the same time. Select one only mail and try again"


YMail disabled my mail forward setting.I ...

YMail disabled my mail forward setting.

I had a mail forward from to my fav gmail account.

This very morning i realised I was missing all those messages originally delivery to yahoo, and then auto-forwared to my gmail box.
Went and check what happened at where a shout-aloud welcome message introduced me to the new web interface for the yahoo mail (very very microsoft style, I'd say)
Finally arrived to the mail setting page to see that forward setting to my gmail was lost....
Can I think that was deliberately, only to get me and visit that new orrible interface?


find non empty files and move ...

find non empty files and move them into another directory:

find . -size +0c -exec mv --force {} ../other_directory/ \;

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